CEO – Turbulent


Turbulent converts energy from rivers into sustainable electricity via water turbines. They are compact, have a good price and a low ecological impact. Where even the smallest water turbine can generate enough energy for about 30 families.


We bring clean and affordable electricity to remote locations by developing new technologies and empowering local cultures to use them.


We believe the future of electricity is in decentralized and connected devices. Just like nature, which also works in networks of small units, our technologies have to go small to have a large impact. Nature is our first source of inspiration.


We want energy for our people.

To power households, hospitals and schools in remote areas where the local communities have little-to-no access to stable and reliable energy.


We want to help the planet.

By installing renewable and reliable energy for our own energy consumption in our private property or in a small community.


We want a sustainable profit.

By cutting energy costs and creating a new future-proof sustainable revenue stream for our business.


Job Description


Today Turbulent is looking for a new CEO:



The CEO should take full commitment for the company and report to the Board of Directors.



Considering the technological strength of Turbulent, its main challenge is to increase sales significantly in a profitable way quickly.

It will be the task of the CEO to further develop, in cooperation with the Board of Directors,  the controlling shareholders and the actual Management Team a strategic plan to materialize this growth. He/she will consequently be responsible for the roll out of this plan. It is expected that processes and structures will need to be further developed and optimized in this context.

This should be done with respect for the company vision as well the cultural DNA of the company in as far it does not impede the future growth and development of the company.




  1. Attitude



  • Act transparently to all the stakeholders of the company.
  • Explicit motivation to grow the Company : need to have the drive to keep on going, overcome multiple hurdles – no “9 to 5” job … never give up !
  • Result driven to create added value for the Company and its stakeholders.
  • Need to keep focus on the prime objectives of the company, as agreed / stated by shareholders  = act like an owner & an entrepreneur
  • Be realistic : keep balance between positivism and negativism – hard work is the only way forward
  • Behave as a “good housefather” for the company that is entrusted to you
  •  “Love” your people : human capital is the most valuable asset of the company but equally exhibit a strong assertive personality able to generate consensus and common action quickly of all personnel
  • Full customer and market attention : need to understand that customer acceptance/satisfaction will in the end determine the success – the CEO personally and enthusiastically  “sells” the company whenever needed / useful – he/she carries the vision
  • Highest ethical standards are evident



  • Keep a high pace : there is no time to waste – take decisions when they are needed and should not be delayed, even if they are difficult : sense of urgency – there is no standard map available.
  • Ask for help / support when needed & be realistically humble – there is a long way to become big & successful & beautiful and you can’t be good at everything you are doing
  • Be aware that you set the standards for about every aspect of company culture
  • Flexibility : nothing ever works fully according to plan : be ready and willing to accept this and adapt accordingly – take action outside own turf
  • Accept responsibility and accountability – the line stops at your desk. You are the “voodoo doll” for Turbulent : carry the stress and the pain
  • Tolerance for ambiguity and ability to make decisions in contexts of high uncertainties
  • Assume people to be positive, willing and trustworthy – listen before speaking.


“nice to have”

  • Invest time to study – you never know enough and certainly not everything
  • Be aware that respect comes ultimately from actions and results, not from titles


  1. Skills



  • A proven successful business experience at C level one way or the other in penetrating in not-evident new markets and novel applications
  • Team builder and people leader : need to be able to select and positively stimulate people around him/her – inspire people – be a coach when needed. If you achieve anything, it will be because you have a great team. Facilitator.
  • The essentials of customer focus & attention, including marketing & sales : no customers means no business
  • Quick learner – able to distinguish essential for circumstantial.
  • Good communication skills – both up- and downwards – be explicit and clear but also respectful and attentive. Tell the truth – it is the universal basis of trust & credibility. Fluency in Dutch, French and English
  • Alertness to and knowledge of financials / evolution of the company – in particular profitability, investments and cash situation and needs
  • Strategy development and implementation of the company – be able to solve the strategic issues and other problems to be encountered
  • Basic knowledge of organizational & HR processes
  • Understand the principles and practices of industrial technology, business & customer needs, competition



  • Able to plan and budget appropriately (credible, legitimate) – be able to divide a broader, general target into manageable and realistic milestones and KPI’s – manage projects & people
  • Aware of principles and needs of corporate governance, including working with the Board of Directors
  • Dealmaker – open and willing for cooperation
  • Act with and between company and stakeholders and build relations on the principle of win-win with all stakeholders of Turbulent, also in setting up cooperation with external partners
  • Some “scars of past combats” – some experience in how business life “really” is
  • Understand competitive impact of other initiatives / companies


“nice to have”

  • Find the right work/life balance and mind your health



Fatos Yilmaz