Do you know the competences and the potential of your people

 Have you selected some candidates yourself, but do you need a second opinion?

 Would you like to be able to coach a candidate in his or her career based on a clear competence analysis?

  Do you wish to know the potential of your current employees? Do you want to get more out of your people?

In all these situations, an objective assessment is necessary.

Assessment or development centers provide answers to several questions.

Testing and Assessment Centers

An assessment or development center is always customised according to the competencies you wish to measure for one or more candidates.

Our tests can be used for various educational and job levels ranging from executive positions, to management and board.

Development Center

Measure competencies and gain insight into the development of individuals through:

  • Role Play
  • Group discussion
  • Electronic mailbox exercise (e-tray)
  • Analysis and presentation exercise

Assessment Center

In-depth analysis through a combination of interviews and hands-on exercises:

  • Second Opinion
  • Half day assessment center
  • Full day assessment center


Make an informed decision through:

  • Personality questionnaires
  • Reasoning tests
  • Test on planning and organizing
  • Memory test

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