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iFLUX was founded in 2017, as a spin-off, based on many years of research by Goedele Verreydt, postdoctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp and VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research). She is the inventor of the iFLUX technology.

The past years Goedele lead a team of researchers and product developers in the field of groundwater contamination and soil remediation. She is the author of several scientific publications in this field. With its comprehensive service for flux monitoring, iFLUX focuses on environmental experts who oversee soil remediation projects.

Today, iFLUX’ award-winning cartridge sampling technology is used by +100 customers across Europe. These customers include industrial companies such as DOW & Total, public entities like OVAM (Be) & Ademe (Fr) or environmental consultants like ERM, AECOM and Arcadis. Thanks to a capital injection by Qbic II (the Belgian interuniversity venture capital fund) and VMH (Flemish Environmental Holding) in 2019, iFLUX was able to grow and to develop a new innovative technology,  allowing them to integrate their measurement method into a real-time sensing application. iFLUX delivers the next generation water monitoring solutions, based on a real-time IoT sensor network and integrated data system, using artificial intelligence to improve environmental risk assessment by visualizing and integrating the dynamics of groundwater and groundwater pollution. Their ambition is to become the company of choice for the monitoring of fluxes in any aqueous environment.


Job description:

The Strategic Sales Manager is a new position, created to drive iFLUX’s strong growth aspirations. With the currently available know-how, experience, reference cases, key people and structure there’s a potential target to multiply the current turnover by 10 in the coming years. The Strategic Sales Manager reports to the CEO. Is a key member of the core management team consisting of CEO, CTO and SSM.

  • The Strategic Sales Manager (SSM) will be responsible for the strategy regarding marketing and sales in general and for sales of new projects in particular.
  • To sell new contracts it is key to build further on what is already available but in particular it is required to develop and implement further a successful marketing and sales strategy including priorities, resources, KPI’s, … ;
  • The SSM needs to work from Outside-in. Go into the market, talk to, and listen carefully to potential customers, find opportunities, partner and discuss internally and come back with a clear strategy setting priorities and proposals (solution, service, pricing;..) to negotiate and close the deal with new and existing customers.
  • Build the go to market strategy in a very hands-on way, set priorities and do whatever needed in this scale-up organization to achieve commercial results in a reasonable period (marketing, communication, expert communities, …).
  • Check the plan and activities with CEO to make sure that market expectations, internal work and messages are aligned.


Likely future changes in responsibilities and tasks

  • Once the numbers (tend to) become sustainable and recurring, it will be time to also set up some kind of organizational structure to scale up sales to an organization that is needed to grow beyond what the SSM can do as an individual. Organizing, hiring and coaching will become a task besides managing the top accounts and prospects.
  • Once the business is growing, the SSM will be able to set up a commercial organization to support future expansion and not only be active in the market, but also draw up a plan and decide together with the CEO how future growth needs to be organized/structured/staffed. Proposal on roles responsibilities, processes, systems, KPI’s to secure and accelerate growth in line with the strategy and internal capabilities



  • Master’s degree preferably in science or engineering or equivalent by experience and having at least the analytical and negotiation skills on master level;
  • At least 10 years of proven and successful experience in strategic B2B sales and marketing;
  • Key account Management skills and experience;
  • Preferably experience within start-up/scale-up environment and fundraising;
  • Preferably acquainted with Environmental Management projects (water availability, nature restoration or contaminated site remediation projects);
  • A business network in the water sector is a plus;
  • Strong affinity with Industry 4.0 – IoT sensor networks, Data-as-a-Service business models, Integrated data platforms;
  • Fluent in English, preferably also in Dutch and French;
  • Excellent presentation and networking skills;
  • Strong negotiation skills (value adding sales on different parameters such as image, financial impact, service level, expertise, logistic gains, …) and contract closing ability (risk management);
  • Outstanding collaboration skills with internal experts, project managers, CFO, CEO,… .


Capability requirements:

  • Ability to set up a clear and coherent strategy and plan and manage work;
  • Must be very autonomous (self-propelling) in organizing him/herself and later in setting up the commercial organization;
  • Able to set priorities and not waste time on details;
  • See the bigger picture, keep focus outside (market customer, …) and combine this information to develop opportunities in collaboration with CEO and experts;
  • High energy level;
  • High impact on people and decision makers, by listening well and bringing solutions that bring value both for customer and iFLUX. Market is not waiting for this, need to inspire and convince the right people open for innovation, having the budgets,…;
  • Enthusiasm and perseverance will be needed;
  • Positivism and believe in pioneering phase, not giving up easily;
  • Travel must not be seen as a burden;


  • Self-driven: strong drive, motivation and focus on commercial activities and achieving results (signed contract bringing turnover and profit);
  • Autonomy in the commercial work at one hand, and teamwork in solution building on the other hand;
  • Ability to build relations and network;
  • Should be seen as a respected speaking partner, credible based on presentation, knowledge and attitude on the level of authorities, plant manager, SHE managers, engineers;
  • Need to have good social and interaction skills;
  • Good at establishing first contacts and opening doors;
  • Strong at deepening relations and managing his contacts;
  • Work constructively with referrals;
  • Participate and contribute in relevant networks, build communities on subject;
  • Communicates clearly and with enthusiasm on iFLUX’s proposition;
  • Ability to solve business problems;
  • Understands the potential of iFLUX in different markets;
  • Follow up legislation that could be supportive for the iFLUX business;
  • Find the opportunities (match offer iFLUX with potential needs in the market)
  • Help the customer in solving his problems by proposing sustainable solutions. This requires good listening skills, emotional intelligence as well as strong analytical skills in combining a lot of information to come to sound, logical and acceptable solutions/offerings;
  • Ability to sell on added value and quality (not on price);
  • Cope with and coordinate internally with specialists for the technical and financial and operational elements. This requires good communication skills and proactivity;
  • Ability to influence and negotiate;
  • Outstanding collaboration ability and willingness, both internally and externally;
  • Establishing and deepening contacts and project follow-up and coordination after closing the deal;
  • Important to sell only if the quality is possible: added value to the customers (right solution and correct delivered services as promised…), profitable for iFLUX (enough margin, customer is solvent, …), ethical correct deal closing;
  • Use of the right arguments, show the added value and what’s in it for the customer. This requires credibility but also good presentation skills and in many cases also perseverance as it is innovative and can therefore be seen as a risk for some customers.



  • A challenging position in a strong and ambitious scale-up company;
  • Real opportunities for professional growth;
  • Purpose: iFLUX has the ambition and the know-how to act as a gamechanger for our environment and would be at the forefront on revolutionary climate breakthrough innovations, such as smart water grids.



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