Business Development Manager – QustomDot


QustomDot is a spin-off of the Physics and Chemistry of Nanostructures Research Group (PCN) of prof. Zeger Hens at Ghent University. The company was founded in January 2020 by Igor Nakonechnyi (CPO), Willem Walravens (CTO) and Kim De Nolf (CEO) and with the help of 3 respected investors: Qbic2 (an inter-university venture capital fund), PMV and VIGO Ventures.

QustomDot is developing cadmium-free quantum dots (QDs) that are stable for advanced applications. QDs are semiconductor nanoparticles that can transform UV or blue light into pure colors, such as green and red, through a process known as down-conversion. The emission color of the QDs is determined by the size of the QDs, which we precisely control through state-of-the-art synthetic procedures. A strong advantage of QDs is that they are obtained as a colloidal dispersion, which opens industrially relevant processing strategies such as direct printing or photolithography. As we speak, QDs are at the birth of the next technological revolution in the display industry, after LCD and OLED. Current QD technologies, however, suffer from instabilities under the influence of high light flux and elevated operating temperatures. We at QustomDot have developed a technology that renders QDs suitable to be used as down-converter directly on LED chips, thereby moving into the application field of microLEDs, the next big thing.

QustomDot is not a traditional raw materials supplier. With their QD technology and world-class knowledge of QD synthesis and surface chemistry, they assist their partners with customized QD developments and help them with the integration in their devices. They also strive for further optimization of their technology by working together with other players in the microLED industry.



Place within the organisation

Very flat organisational structure. Key member of the organisation, will work in close collaboration with the core management team consisting of CEO, CTO and CPO.


Job description

The Business Development Manager will help increasing QustomDot’s value by building its go-to-market strategy in a very hands-on way. He/She/They will:

  • work from outside-in. Go into the market, talk to, listen carefully to and build trusted relationships with different stakeholders;
  • use market intelligence to identify the most promising (sub)markets (microLED submarkets,…) and its most relevant players ((development) partners, suppliers, competitors, potential customers,…);
  • be able to understand the needs, “pains” and overall supply chain of these markets;
  • open doors, build a network in the industry and position QustomDot as a trusted and state-of-the-art partner/supplier for a.o. chemical companies, MicroLed Suppliers, Display/Panel Makers and OEM’s.
  • proactively look for partnerships and opportunities to engage in co-development projects;
  • draw-up and negotiate contracts or joined development agreements.



Experience, knowledge and skills

  • Master’s degree, preferably in science or engineering or equivalent by experience and having at least the analytical and negotiation skills on master level;
  • At least 10 years of proven and successful experience in strategic B2B sales and marketing;
  • Good knowledge of the display-market (LED, OLED, MicroLED) or other state-of-the-art technologies within micro-electronics (e.g. image sensors,…)
  • Experience with new markets. An experience in a start-up/scale-up environment and fundraising is a plus;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Excellent presentation and networking skills;
  • Strong negotiation skills (value adding sales on different parameters such as image, financial impact, service level, expertise, logistic gains, …) and contract closing ability (risk management);
  • Outstanding collaboration skills with internal experts, CTO, CPO and CEO.


Capability requirements

  • Ability to set up a clear strategy and plan and manage work (keep focus);
  • Must be very autonomous (self-propelling) in organising him/her/themself;
  • Able to set priorities and not waste time on details;
  • See the bigger picture, keep focus outside (market customer, …) and combine this information to develop opportunities in collaboration with the internal organisation;
  • Flexible & agile, both in attitude (goals and priorities can change) and in the way you organise your work;
  • High energy level: enthusiasm and perseverance will be needed;
  • High impact on people and decision makers, by listening well and bringing solutions that bring value both to the customer and QustomDot.
  • Positivism and believe in pioneering phase, not giving up easily;
  • Autonomy in the commercial work at one hand, and teamwork in solution building on the other hand;
  • Ability to build relations and network;
  • Should be seen as a respected speaking partner, credible based on presentation, knowledge and attitude;
  • Need to have good social and interaction skills;
  • Good at establishing first contacts and opening doors;
  • Strong at deepening relations and managing his contacts.



  • A challenging position in a strong and ambitious spin-off;
  • Real opportunities for professional growth;
  • Real impact on the make or break of a very promising company;
  • Purpose: QustomDot has the ambition and the know-how to be a gamechanger by facilitating breakthrough innovation in the display market.



Ignace Lauwers

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*This vacancy is directed exclusively by MenT Associates